Mental Health Resources

Suicide Prevention and Crisis Services
Suicide Prevention and Crisis Services is a crisis line for anyone feeling distressed, confused, overwhelmed, or upset. Trained counselors are available 24/7. The Crisisline can be reached by calling 607-272-1616. A counselor will ask you questions about how you are feeling, listen non-judgmentally, and guide you to a sense of hope. The Chat is an online form of the Crisisline, and is available from 6pm to 9pm, Monday through Friday. All calls and chats are free and confidential.

The Mental Health Association of Tompkins County
The Mental Health Association is an advocacy organization that provides a wide variety of services to educate the public about mental illness and assist people living with mental illness. Adult Services is a program to improve the lives of people using mental health services and their families. The MHA connects people to therapists and legal counsel, and provides training in life skills to promote personal responsibility. The Starlight Peer Advocacy Center for Empowerment is a center for support for anyone who uses or has used mental health services. SPACE offers a library of mental health literature, as well as games, computer classes, art classes, and a variety of events. Anyone interested in visiting SPACE is encouraged to drop by at any time.

Lakeview Health Services
Lakeview’s Residential Programs provide a variety of housing options for adults recovering from mental illness. Focusing on personal choice, safety, trust, and individuality, staff members enable residents to self-advocate and work toward their goals. The staff is trained to use motivational interviewing techniques to work with residents and help them to make their own choices.