Little Blue Pills

Little blue pills,

All nice and packed.

Take one for your troubles,

Feel “nice and relaxed.”


Little blue pills,

Swallow one by the hour.

Wash down all the pain,

So the taste isn’t sour


Or stays lingering.

To remind you of

Those dark, dreary points

That just won’t get out


Of your head or your body

And have taken control

Of your thoughts and your feelings,

Your heart, and your soul.


But, with one hasty gulp

Of a capsule and water,

Things begin to clear up,

A nice change, for starters.


Then, soon enough,

The sensations of dread

Quickly subside.

The demons have fled.


Then you suddenly realize,

The pills weren’t so bad.

They helped you get through,

With no shame to be had.


Because it’s not abnormal,

Although it once seemed.

The results are yours.

With newfound esteem,


To keep moving forward.

Believe it’s true that

Things are better now,

With much thanks to you.


You little blue pills.

So compact and small.

Maybe taking each one,

Wasn’t so bad after all.

by Megan Benjamin

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